Refund Policy

Kindly be advised of the following:

Notification in respect of cancellation and or refund:

  • The renter must notify the rental company formally, in writing, of any cancellation due within 24 hours prior to collection and/ or delivery of the rental vehicle.
  • Formal notice by renter of cancellation must be addressed to
  • On receipt of formal notice of cancellation the rental company will have 7 (seven) working days to process refund.
  • If a booking is not cancelled and the renter fails to show up, a no show fee will be charged at one day’s rental.
  • If a booking is cancelled within 24 hours from pick up, the renter will be charged, MUR 450.00 cancellation fee. This amount will be deducted from the deposit amount due to be refunded
  • If a booking is cancelled more then 24 hours in advance, an administration fee of MUR 250.00 will be charged to the client and deducted off the deposit amount due to be refunded.
  • All charges (as applicable) including, but not limited to, payer bank fees, third party financial commission charges, receiver bank fees associated with any form of refund approved shall be for the renters account and deductible from the amount due to be refunded.